CCSAW student groups

CCSAW has three student groups that are advised by core faculty:  The CCSAW Sudent Chapter, the OVC Animal Welfare Club, and the University of Guelph Animal Welfare Judging Teams.

CCSAW Student Chapter

The Campbell Centre Student Chapter is an active group of graduate and undergraduate students, focussed on learning and sharing animal welfare science, ethics and principles. Email to be the first to know about upcoming events and activities!

Annual activities include:

  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the Toronto Zoo, where students learn about the zoo’s animal care policies and procedures, the ways in which they promote the welfare of the animals in their care including enclosure design, enrichment, feeding strategies, training procedures etc. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions and critically evaluate for learning purposes.
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the on-campus Animal Care Facility, where students learn about how animals used for research are cared for, and how their welfare is optimized.
  • A Graduate Student Panel where interested students are invited to hear and learn about graduate student life in the Animal and Behaviour program.
  • Research seminars focused on animal welfare science
  • Movie nights focussed on documentaries and fictional films to do with animal welfare