F.W. Presant Memorial Lecture

Fred Presant was a 1923 graduate of OAC. In his early years, he taught at Ridgetown College and then moved to Toronto to begin Master Feeds. Presant was involved in the formation of the OAC Alumni Foundation in the 1930s and played a significant role in establishment of the University of Guelph in the early sixties.

Following Fred's death in 1996, the Fred Presant Memorial Lecture Series was established in his memory, in large part as a result of the efforts of the late W.D. Morrison. Morrison, then Chair of the CCSAW Steering Committee, championed the fundraising and establisment of this endowded lecture series.

The Presant Lectures are organized biannually by the Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare with the goal of providing opportunities for students, local scientists and members of the food animal industries to engage in discussion with world leaders in farm animal welfare.

The visiting lecturer presents a formal evening lecture that is open to the public, and over the course of several days participates in guest lectures in OAC undergraduate courses and engages in informal discussions with students, faculty and representatives from local animal agriculture and humane organizations.

The OAC Alumni Foundation supports this lectureship with funds raised from the family and friends of Fred Presant.

Dr. David Mellor, Massey University
Thriving - not merely surviving: New keys for unlocking impediments to the enhancement of animal welfare

Dr. Juan Villalba, Utah State University
Learning and diet selection in Herbivores: From the central idea to landscape management

Dr. Jayson Lusk, Oklahoma State University
Ham and Egg-onomics

Dr. Victoria Sandilands, Scottish Agricultural College
You've come a long way, baby: The success of the chicken and some subsequent dilemmas

Dr. Joy Mench, University of California Davis
Laying Hen Welfare: Scientific, Consumer and Industry Perspectives

Dr. Dan Weary, University of British Columbia
Building a Better World for Dairy Cattle:
The Science and Practice of Improved Care and Housing for Animals

Dr. Joseph Stookey, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatchewan
Were the Old Ways the Best Ways for Farm Animal Welfare?

Dr. Paul Hemsworth, University of Melbourne, Australia
Does the Caretaker Need to Care? The importance of human-animal interactions for the welfare of farm animals

Dr. Martin Potter, Head of Farm Animals Department, RSPCA, UK
The Power of Public Sentiment: How animal welfare concerns have changed animal agriculture in the UK

Dr. Temple Grandin, Colorado State University, USA
Using Livestock Psychology to Promote Humane Handling