Anna Kate Shoveller


Kate worked in the pet food industry from 2007 to 2015 helping to develop foods with better availability of protein and energy. In industry she led and managed scientific investigations and communicated scientific results to better the lives of companion animals through the improvement of the products they eat. Her expert advice on protein and energy metabolism, effects of nutrition on behavior, and effects of nutrition on performance enhanced various products consumed by companion animals across North America.  

Her current research provides information for feed manufacturers and for others who work with animals to improve the health and welfare of pets and livestock.  Kate also works with sled dogs and service dogs to improve their health and nutrition.

When working with graduate students, Kate aspires to help her students learn quickly, be willing to accept criticism, accomplish work of extremely high quality and push the envelope. Her lab is known to be high capacity and high energy but also a place where people have a lot of fun.

Kate’s students have gone on to positions in the animal nutrition industry and currently she has former PhD students at Elmira Pet Food, Simmons Pet Food, Mars Pet Care and Trouw Nutrition.