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Month: December 2023

Sentience Mini-Series

We hope you had the opportunity to join in with our Sentience Mini-Series. CCSAW hosted four seminars discussing sentience of different groups of animals, from mammals and birds to insects. If you missed the live seminars but are interested in joining the discussion, check out the recorded seminars on our YouTube page or view them below!

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Dr. Karen Houle on keeping backyard chickens

Dr. Karen Houle is a retired University of Guelph professor and CCSAW associated faculty. She recently shared with Dr Georgia Mason her experiences in keeping backyard chickens. She described how Drs Georgia Mason, Tina Widowski, Derek Haley and Ian Duncan inspired her to create "the safest and most enriched space that a chicken could imagine" and her time with CCSAW taught her practical ways "to put ethical-welfare into action with our girls."

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