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Research by CCSAW members

Since the centre’s early initial focus on farm and laboratory animals (which continues as a research strength today), CCSAW faculty have broadened to study fish, horses, wild animals and species kept as pets, along with a wider range of topics including positive well-being (no longer just welfare problems), animal personality, animal sentience, factors shaping human behaviour and attitudes to animals, and many others.

Faculty members’ departmental webpages describe their diverse specific research interests and ongoing projects. Several CCSAW faculty have won prizes and distinctions for their animal welfare research; and their projects and graduate students are funded by a range of sources.

Learn more about the scientific assessment of animal welfare: the types of research questions we ask and the research methods used. 

Research outputs

The research of CCSAW faculty and graduate students generates a large number of publications on animal welfare, care and related topics. These are used widely by other researchers and graduate students around the world, and also inform animal care and welfare policies in Canada and elsewhere.

Journal publications  

In 2022 alone, CCSAW members published nearly 100 peer-reviewed papers on animal welfare, and our welfare research outputs were cited 9,000 times!

You can find a comprehensive, up-to-date list of most of CCSAW’s animal welfare science papers on Google Scholar. Some of our classic, most highly cited past papers include: 

The notion of ethological ‘need’, models of motivation and animal welfare, Animal Behaviour, Hughes, B. O., and Duncan, I. J. H. 

Can fish suffer? Perspectives on sentience, pain, fear and stress, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Chandroo, K. P., Duncan, I. J., and Moccia, R. D. 

Effect of feeding space on the inter-cow distance, aggression, and feeding behavior of free-stall housed lactating dairy cows, Journal of Dairy Science, DeVries, T. J., Von Keyserlingk, M. A. G., and Weary, D. M. 

Behavioural indicators of cow comfort: activity and resting behaviour of dairy cows in two types of housing, Canadian Journal of Animal Science, Haley, D. B., Rushen, J., and Passillé, A. D. 

Stereotypies: a critical review, Animal Behaviour, Mason, G. J. 

Captivity effects on wide-ranging carnivores, Nature, Mason, G. and Clubb, R.

Why and how should we use environmental enrichment to tackle stereotypic behaviour?, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Mason, G., Clubb, R., Latham, N., and Vickery, S. 

Identifying and preventing pain in animals, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Weary, D. M., Niel, L., Flower, F. C., and Fraser, D. 

Books by Core and Associated Faculty 

Stereotypic Behaviour in Captive Animals: Fundamentals and Applications to Welfare (second edition), CAB International, 2006, Edited by Georgia Mason and Jeff Rushen 

Entertaining Elephants: Animal Agency and the Business of the American Circus Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013 Susan Nance

Animal Modernity: Jumbo the Elephant and the Human Dilemma  Houndmills, Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2015, Susan Nance 

The Historical Animal  Syracuse University Press, 2015, edited by Susan Nance 

Rodeo: An Animal History University of Oklahoma Press, 2020, by Susan Nance 

Ranching and the American West: A History in Documents Broadview Press, 2021, Edited by Susan Nance 

Bellwether Histories: Animals, Humans and US Environments in Crisis 
University of Washington Press, 2023, Edited by Susan Nance and Jennifer Marks 

Fraser’s The Behaviour of the Horse (third edition) 
CABI, Edited b y Christopher B. Riley, Sharon E. Cregier and Andrew F. Fraser, 2022 

Laboratory Animal Welfare 
Elsvier, 2013, Edited by K. Bayne and Pat V. Turner 

Harkness and Wagner’s Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents (sixth edition) 
Wiley-Blackwell, Edited by Pat V. Turner, C.L. Wheler, H. Beaufreres, J. Harkness, 2010 

Animal Welfare: Laboratory Animal Medicine (fourth edition) 
Academic Press, 2023, Edited by K. Bayne, D. Hickman, J. Mench, L. Meunier, Pat V. Turner, J. Werner 

Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, National Acamdeic Press, 2010 
Janet C. Garber, Pat V. Turner and 12 co-authors 

Theses and Dissertations 

Find all CCSAW-affiliated theses and dissertations by our Masters and PhD students in The Atrium

Research prizes and distinctions won by CCSAW Faculty

British Society for Animal Science/RSPCA Joint Award for Innovative Developments in Animal Welfare, Georgia Mason

International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) Creativity Award, Georgia Mason 

Johns Hopkins/Charles River Excellence in Refinement Award, Georgia Mason

Metacam Bovine Welfare Award, Trevor DeVries, Todd Duffield and Charlotte Winder

Poultry Science Association Welfare Research Award, Alexandra Harlander and Tina Widowski

UFAW Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Animal Welfare Science, Ian Duncan and Georgia Mason