Research Seminars

CCSAW hosts research seminars each month from September to April, open to all. Animal welfare researchers from around the world present scholarly insights into animal care and well-being, and give graduate students an opportunity to network with invited speakers (including as part of a graduate course). Since 2020, research seminars can be attended in person or virtually, typically attracting audiences of 80-120.

Watch recent research seminars on the CCSAW Youtube site

Mini-Series Seminars

In 2021, CCSAW started ‘mini-series’ on topics beyond welfare science. These put animal welfare into a broader perspective and aim to appeal to different audiences. The first topic was Indigenous Attitudes to Animals, explored in the spirit of truth and reconciliation, and to learn how Indigenous philosophies can improve the way Canadians treat animals. Next we tackled The Human Element: Human Behavioural Change, since understanding people is often the route to improving animal welfare. This year we’re covering another challenge: Animal Sentience.

Watch recent research mini-series on the CCSAW Youtube site

Annual Research Symposium

CCSAW hosts an Annual Research Symposium on the second Wednesday of every May, to showcase our research via talks and posters. The event offers graduate students and post-docs experience chairing and presenting in front of an inquisitive audience from academia, industry, local government, animal care professions and NGOs. View this year’s list of speakers. The next symposium will be on May 8, 2024.

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Other activities

We also organize / support animal care training for various groups; run weekly in-house welfare science meetings and a monthly Animal Studies journal club with our own graduate students and post-docs; and support events run by the CCSAW Student Chapter and OVC Animal Welfare Club.