Goldfishes in an aquarium


Base funding for the centre comes from a generous bequest from Mrs. Mona Campbell. CCSAW is also supported by private individuals, external companies and animal welfare organizations.

The research projects of individual faculty members, and our graduate students’ stipends, are funded by a range of sources including NSERC, SHRC, together with diverse industry/NGO grants and graduate scholarships.

Our other supporters are listed below.

Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (AWFC)

The AWFC funded our seminar mini-series on human behavioural change, and also helps support the CCSAW Student Chapter.

Charles River Laboratories

Charles River Laboratories provides support for CCSAW’s annual Research Symposium, including funding prizes for the top student presenters.

Saputo Dairy Care Program

Funding from Saputo supports the CCSAW-Saputo Dairy Care Program. This creates learning opportunities for veterinary students interested in dairy cow welfare via a unique rotation; provides continuing education for for dairy welfare vets in practice; supports an annual gathering of academics and industry leaders to discuss dairy welfare; funds our competitive Welfare Judging teams; brings in an annual speaker for a dairy welfare research seminar; and supports other ad hoc CCSAW activities.

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW)

The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) is a registered charity that works with animal welfare scientists worldwide to develop and promote evidence-based improvements in animal welfare. UFAW also publishes the journal Animal Welfare.

CCSAW is a ‘UFAW Link University’. Through this scheme, UFAW provides funding to support our seminar series, and CCSAW members can also apply for UFAW grants and scholarships.

Support CCSAW

If you’re interested in supporting CCSAW, please contact Director Georgia Mason at